JD McCrary (TV Actor) Age, Net Worth, Parents, Height & More

JD McCrary (TV Actor) Age, Net Worth, Parents, Height & More Hello everyone and welcome to another blog post we will be discussing JD McCrary is a multi-talented American artist who gained immense popularity as a TV actor, singer, and dancer. He has also made his presence felt on social media platforms, especially TikTok. JD McCrary was born on July 18, 2007, in Granada Hills, California, which makes him 16 years old as of 2023. As per his birthdate, JD McCrary belongs to the Cancer zodiac sign.

JD McCrary is a young and talented American artist who has gained immense popularity as a TikTok star, actor, and singer. With his impressive skills and rising fame, he is poised for even greater success in the future.

JD McCrary Wiki

NameJD McCrary
OccupationActor, singer
BirthdateJuly 18, 2007
BirthplaceGranada Hills, California
Zodiac SignCancer
ParentsJames West (father), Larisa McCary (mother)
SiblingsJosh McCary (brother)
EducationCommunity school (name not available)
Career BeginningsKC Undercover (TV series, 2015)
Notable RolesKenn Paynes (The Paynes), Simba (The Lion King, 2019)
DiscographyInviting All of You (2018), Tell Me Why (2018), Walking on Air (2019), Brain on Love (2019), Stuck With U (2020), etc.
Net Worth$5 million (as of most recent updates, 2023)
Brand CollaborationsUmbro, PUMA, SPRAYGROUND, LR&C, among others

JD McCrary’s Early Life and Background

JD McCrary was born to James West and Larisa McCary in California. He comes from a Christian family and has a brother named Josh McCary. Since childhood, JD McCrary was passionate about performing arts, and at the age of eight, he made his debut as a child actor on the comedy series KC Undercover.

JD McCrary’s Rise to Fame on TikTok

JD McCrary has a massive fan following on TikTok, where he regularly posts his dance videos and lip-syncs to popular songs. He has more than 2.5 million followers and over 24 million likes on his TikTok account. His TikTok videos have gone viral and have been shared across various social media platforms, making him one of the most popular TikTok stars.

JD McCrary’s Acting and Music Career

Apart from his success on TikTok, JD McCrary is also well-known for his acting and music career. He made his debut as a voice actor in the 2019 remake of The Lion King, where he played the role of young Simba. JD McCrary has also appeared in several TV shows and movies, including The Paynes, Little, and American Soul.

In addition to acting, JD McCrary is also a talented singer who has released multiple singles over the years. His debut single “Inviting All of You” was released in 2018, and he has since released several popular songs like “Tell Me Why,” “Walking on Air,” and “Brain on Love.” He has also collaborated with several famous artists, including Childish Gambino.

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JD McCrary’s Net Worth and Height

JD McCrary’s successful career as a multi-talented artist has contributed significantly to his net worth. As of 2023, his estimated net worth is around $5 million. With his rising popularity, it is expected to grow even more in the future. JD McCrary has a height of 5 feet 2 inches (157 cm), which is quite impressive for his age.

Frequent Asked Question about JD McCrary

Q: Who is JD McCrary?

A: JD McCrary is an American actor and singer.

Q: What TV shows and movies has JD McCrary appeared in?

A: JD McCrary has appeared in TV shows such as The Paynes, Little Big Shots, and American Soul, and movies such as The Lion King (2019) and Little (2019).

Q: What is JD McCrary’s most famous role?

A: JD McCrary is perhaps best known for his role as the voice of young Simba in the 2019 remake of The Lion King.

Q: How old is JD McCrary?

A: JD McCrary was born on July 18, 2007, and as of March 2023, he is 16 years old.

Q: Where is JD McCrary from?

A: JD McCrary was born in Granada Hills, California.

Q: What kind of music does JD McCrary make?

A: JD McCrary makes pop and R&B music, and has released several singles since 2018.

Q: Has JD McCrary won any awards?

A: Yes, JD McCrary won a Young Artist Award in 2019 for his role in The Paynes.

Q: What brands has JD McCrary worked with?

A: JD McCrary has worked with brands such as Umbro, PUMA, and SPRAYGROUND.

Q: Does JD McCrary have any siblings?

A: Yes, JD McCrary has one brother named Josh McCary.

Q: What is JD McCrary’s net worth?

A: As of most recent updates in 2023, JD McCrary’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

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